Untold Story Enterprises is a communications and messaging agency with one central mission: To get people to tell their stories and make sure the world hears it. 

For many of our clients, their businesses started as the seed of a dream, a symbol of their vision for a better world and an unforgettably joyful life. To them, their business is not just a revenue machine. It is their soul purpose and life mission wrapped in one. Much of who they are hinges on the success of their business and their ability to make the impact they’ve always dreamed of.

If you are like our clients (and us) you know EXACTLY what we are talking about.

That’s why the Untold Story method heavily centers around pulling out our clients’ stories and honing in on their overall marketing message by combining creativity, critical thinking and intuition. 

The old way of marketing that still exists prescribes to hitting your audiences’ pain points over and over again until they are raw or sucked dry. While this method has proven to be effective, it doesn’t respect the human spirit. 

Yes, people need to know you can solve their problem but they need to know you have their back too. 

That’s where your story comes in, where the real gold is. It holds the keys to the palace, touching on your audiences’ pain points and earning their trust, without selling your soul or straying away from your integrity. 

Quite simply, we’re not here to tell you to change your business or your life. We’re here to honor the life you’ve already lived. 

Our Mission

Our central mission is simple: We want you to tell your story, so you can honor the life you’ve already lived and tell the world all about it. It is the best way we know how to activate your Know-Like-Trust Factor and uncover the gold brimming within you. That’s what the world is waiting for and that is what will create movement in your business.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do needs to start from a place of compassion, service and integrity. After all, communication is a heart-to-heart interaction, not ear-to-ear. Everyone deserves to be listened to and acknowledged. In all of our trainings and writing services, we bring all of our firepower to the table with creativity and critical thinking in order to have the right mix of big picture vision and detail-oriented strategy and messaging. Then, of course, we are always opting for fun and magic. Because, why not?